Artist Name: Suriani
Real Name: Rafael
Nationality: Brazilian
Technique: Wheatpasting

Suriani was born and raised in São Paulo. In 2007 he moved to Paris to start a masters degree in Fine Arts and he soon integrated the local street art scene.  Inspired by the cultural diversity of modern cities his interventions relate to local alternative subcultures, mixing human bodies to animal heads such as Brazilian birds, French cats and dogs, Turkish wolves, British foxes and Bolivian llamas.

His latest series “Born Naked”, inspired by the Drag Queen culture is a response to the rise of conservative manifestations against the equality of rights in the world. Working closely with Drag community, Suriani spreads messages of acceptance and freedom through his urban art in a very amusing way. Huge collages of colorful drag queens are now visible in the streets of Paris, São Paulo and New York. The queens featured in this series are former contestants from the American TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Suriani currently lives between Paris and São Paulo where he develops his work in the streets, art galleries, cultural centers and every environment open to the debate of urban diversity.

Where you can see it: Suriani has found a way to interact with every city he has been to participating in exhibitions and festivals. France, Brazil, England, U.S.A, Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, and Turkey are some of the countries he has explored culturally and historically bringing new references and influences to his art.

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