Artist Name: Kashink
Nationality: French
Technique: Graffiti, murals

: When you meet Kashink you already see a first expression of her art in her own face. Disrupting the standards of femininity and what is socially expected the artist has a been drawing a mustache onto her upper lip every single day since 2013. “Two symmetrical lines on a female face are accepted on the eyebrows or as eyeliner, but if you drop these same lines lower on the same face, it becomes the opposite of how a woman is supposed to look. It’s really interesting to question these codes.”

Artistically speaking, her big inspirations are very diverse, such as Leigh Bowery, Gilbert and George, Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo or Fernando Botero.

Kashink has become one of the world’s better known street artists for her large-scale, diversity-conscious murals. One of her latest mural in Paris was commissioned by Amnesty International as part of the project “My Body, My Rights” questioning sex roles, reproductive rights and gender representation.

In response to anti-gay marriage manifestations in France she launched the project “50 cakes of gay” to support equal rights, painting more than 250 gay wedding cakes in 9 different countries. KASHINK was also invited for a lecture at La Sorbonne University about women and gender representation in street art.

In 2014 The Huffington Post named her as first in a list of “10 women street artists who are better than Banksy”.

Where you can see it: In the streets of Paris, Miami, Morocco, New York, Montréal and Los Angeles. Her work has also been shown in galleries in many European countries as well as in Canada and the USA.

Official Page: kashink.com
Facebook: facebook.com/KASHINKart
Instagram: instagram.com/kashink1

PRINT CODE: help tagging Kashink in the streets of your city!