Fred le Chevalier

Artist Name: Fred le Chevalier
Nationality: French
Technique: Poster wheat-pasting

: Walk the streets of the Paris and you will probably bump into Fred le Chevalier’s black and white illustrations. His drawings are instantly recognizable to any Parisian or even tourists after few days walking around the “Rive Droite”.

Playing out stories of love, sadness, innocence and black humor, Fred’s objective is simple: share his work with the outside world, hoping that his drawings will slow down the hurried steps of passers by and give them a moment of amusement, warmth and imagination.

Fred Le Chevalier started to draw when he was a child and stopped as a teenager. Years later he started again uploading his drawings on MySpace. He found influence on the work of Ernest Pignon-Ernest and on the punk movement, that represented freedom to be and do whatever you want.

With a positive feedback, he got the confidence and started to stick on the streets. The first stick was for a woman that he loved, as a gift. But the impact of his illustrations were far greater reaching than he could have imagined. Fred le Chevalier has brought creativity and art to his city, and has created a familiar presence and a beloved group of characters that make the streets of Paris a little less grey.

Where you can see it: When travelling, Fred Le Chevalier brings his characters with him. He has been to London, Berlin, Brussels, Athens, Lecce, Bari and a few other cities in France.

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