Artist Name: L7m
Real Name: Luis Seven Martins
Nationality: Brazilian
Technique: Graffiti

: L7m – Luis Seven Martins – is a Brazilian artist that has been fascinating the world with his series of birds and faces, a work that is dark and poetical, revealing his objection against the alienation of media and the capitalist society.

L7m was only 13 when he first met spray paints. This experience has opened the door for many upcoming experiments. While exploring mixtures for his work, Luis tried many techniques and finally created his unique approach by using china ink, latex, pastel and acrylic.

It is not just the technique that L7m experimented with. He also came to a unique style through his experimentation – namely, he combines geometrical elements and very stylized color puzzles with realism attained by elaborated details. It is exactly that combination of color simplicity and free geometry that awakens certain contradictions and even uncomfortable feelings in the viewers.

This artist is equally inspired by the beauty of life and its sorrow, as well. He intends to make people understand the chaos, the order and the beauty. When these three elements are put together in a painting it is also possible to observe detail and symbols. His love for freedom, signified with his bird paintings, now takes him traveling around the world.

Fernanda Hinke, a Brazilian journalist specialized in street-art produced a beautiful portrait-video about L7m that was published in her website mylifeonmybike.com. You can also watch it below.

Where you can see it: Coming from a Brazilian traditional family, L7m got international notoriety. His work can be found in London, Berlin, Paris, São Paulo, other Brazilian cities, and he also participated on collective exhibitions in Germany, Portugal, Israel and Chile.

Official Page: l7mstreetart.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Streetart.L7m
Instagram: instagram.com/l7matrix

English and french subtitles available in the controler.

PRINT CODE: help tagging L7m in the streets of your city!