Artist Name: Miss.Tic
Nationality: French
Technique: Stencil

: Miss.Tic, born in 1956, in Montmartre, France, is a Parisian visual artist and poet, one of the pioneers of street art in France. She is known for her stencils of fierce women often seen in the streets of Paris and associated with poetry.

Her mother and part of her family die in a car accident when she’s only a child. When her father dies, six years later, she leaves her hometown Orly and moves to Paris where she joins a street theater troupe.

In 1980, she goes to California to be with her boyfriend, and discovers Graffiti. After two years, she comes back to Paris and starts applying her artistic talents in different ways, including theatrical stage sets. She joins the VLP (Vive la Peinture) movement, inspired by artists like the Frères Ripoulain. In 1985, she paints her first stencils on the walls of the city and her first exhibition, at the agnès b. gallery, in 1986, puts her in the spotlight.

Recognized early on in her practice, she is by all means an urban art icon. She has shown her works in public spaces, galleries and international art fairs. She has worked for Kenzo, Comme des garçons, UCAR, Louis Vuitton and more.

With the impossible-to-translate aspect of her poetry, very French and very Parisian, Miss.Tic transcribes her everyday life into stencils. She usually combines self-portraits with one line poem. While her stencils are meticulously prepared, her texts, born from her love for wordplay, are written impulsively. And though they have little to do with political protest, Miss.Tic’s work resonates her clear feminist position.

With an unique sense poetry, she has created a language of her own, mixing shape and words, and giving the city a new voice to share.

Where you can see it: Atlanta, Berlin (Berlin Wall), Hong Kong (Free Ai Weiwei campaign), Melbourne, New York City (5 Pointz), Philadelphia (Mural Arts Program), San Francisco (Balmy Alley Clarion Alley), São Paulo (Beco do Batman), Southeastern Brazil (pichação), Sydney (Newtown area), Tehran, Toronto. Her graffiti is especially present in the 13th district of Paris, where she has her studio.

Official Page: missticinparis.com
Facebook: facebook.com/missticofficiel
Instagram: instagram.com/missticofficiel

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