Da Cruz

Artist Name : Da Cruz
Nationality: French, from a Portuguese family
Technique: Graffiti, mural painting

: Since 2000, Da Cruz, has been embellishing the walls along l’Ourcq street in the 19th district of Paris, his birthplace. His picturesque frescoes have given a unique identity to the Ourcq canal.

His many trips to South America, particularly to Brazil and to Africa are a source of his creativity. The confrontation with ancestral cultures (masks of pre-Colombian culture) have particularly marked his work and inspired him to an urban colorful and primitive style.

The artist, who comes from a Portuguese family, loved to draw and watch cartoons about the Maya tribe treasures as a child. Fast enough these two hobbies merged into one true passion and led him in the field of street art, creating curious images, reminiscent of the Incas and the aliens at the same time.

For a long time Da Cruz graffiti could have be seen on the streets of the 19th-immigrant district where the artist is truly adored by all the citizens. Over time contemporary art and street art galleries became interested in his work. In 2010, the artist has painted an entire room for the George Pompidou museum, decorating it with a fresco of 25m2 for an exhibition entitled “Dreamlands”. But the artist does not forget his roots and still paints a lot in his favorite parts of the city: Ourcq and Stalingrad.

Da Cruz has been invited by important brands to collaborate in projects. In 2014 the Converse boutique in Paris launched a exclusive line of sneakers painted by the artist right in front of the public.

On February 2017, the Italian brand Diesel came up with a campaign signed by David LaChapelle with a message of peace and love with a hint of political commitment in a Donald Trump context: “Make love not walls”. Diesel has associated several personalities to his cause through the campaign, including La Cruz, that can be seen in the commercial of the brand. 

Where you can see it: Paris (specially the 19th district – Ourcq and Stalingrad), São Paulo, Lisbon.

Official Page: instagram.com/dacruzgraffiti
Facebook: facebook.com/dacruzgraffiti

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