Artist Name : Seth
Real Name: Julien Malland
Nationality: French
Technique: Graffiti, mural painting

: Without an overt political message, the French artist born in Paris paints curious children in the streets, hoping to incite a similar, wide-eyed sense of wonder in his adult viewers. He is one of the greatest Globe painter, traveling the world in search of new inspiration for our best pleasure.

Seth discovered graffiti with his first tags in the ’80s, with the arise of hip-hop in France when he also found the book “Subway Art” during a trip to Amsterdam. One of his life-changing points was the meeting with Bischoff Gautier, a graffiti photographer who showed him many new places. By 1996 he attended the school of Decorative Arts in Paris, where he started to become the specialist of backgrounds and characters.

The first graffiti he saw gave him a slap of emotions: fresh, colorful, new, rebel, something that seemed to shake all the rules. He was quickly attracted by the illustration side of it, and this is what he spent his time developing.

He became a globe painter due to the desire to travel and explore the world. Not necessarily to paint. And when he traveled, he realized that painting was the best way to meet, interact and finally really know a country.

The reaction he intends to provoke with graffiti is to keep our child’s soul. To make someone remember his culture. That imagination is a priceless treasure.

Where you can see it:  All over the world: India, China, Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, Vietnam, Senegal, Palestine, Brazil. Part of his work as a globe-painter is documented in his book “Extra Muros”.

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