Vinie Graffiti

Artist Name: Vinie Graffiti
Nationality: French
Technique: Graffiti, mural painting

: Painter, graffiti artist and art director, Vinie was born in Toulouse, France, and has been drawing since her childhood. During high school she was introduced to graffiti. She moves to Paris in 2007 where she starts to develop a more personal style of street-art, less realistic.

Walking in the streets of Paris, it’s easy to recognize the little girl with voluminous hair created by Vinie. Midway between a pin-up and a doll, this female figure is often very colorful with a big hair made of tags, surrealistic curls, pieces of nature, texts and dedications. Her hair changes in each intervention, becoming a trend-mark of Vinie’s work, full of dynamism, inventiveness and femininity.

The contrast between the clean lines of the little girl and the unpredictable liveliness of her hair perfectly reflects the graphic universe of the artist. Vinie is both modern and retro, her aesthetics floats between 50’s pin-up and manga, tinged with pop and resolutely “hip-hop”.

In 2013 she meets the plastic artist Anti whom inspired her profoundly: with him Vinie discovers a whole new world: the volume. Today, she realizes demonstrations, live-paintings, installations and exhibitions in galleries in France and abroad.

Where you can see it: Paris, Perpignan, Milan, Dakar, London, and more.

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