Artist Name: Phlegm
Nationality: British
Technique: Graffiti, mural painting

: Phlegm is a British muralist and artist based in Sheffield. He first developed his illustrations in self-published comics and that’s how he started to get well known. Much of his large scale street works originate from his comics.  The name ‘Phlegm’ came from one of the four temperaments in ancient Greek medicine: blood, yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm. Phlegm was believed to be responsible for an apathetic and unemotional temperament.

Phlegm’s work features in the urban landscape, and can mostly be seen in run-down and disused spaces. Phlegm creates surreal illustrations to an untold story, weaving a visual narrative that explores the unreal through creatures from his imagination.

Phlegm’s storybook-like imagery is half childlike, half menacing, set in built up cityscapes with castles, turrets and winding stairways. At other times the city itself is the setting for his long limbed half-human, half-woodland creatures. In this dream world a viewer comes across impossible flying machines and complex networks of levers, pulleys and cogs, set beside telescopes, magnifying glasses and zephyrs.

Working solely in monochrome, his fine technique and intricate detail can be seen as a curiosity cabinet of the mind.

Phlegm’s first solo show “The Bestiary” took place at the Howard Griffin Gallery on Shoreditch High Street, London in 2014. The same year, he was the only British artist among 150 international artists to paint murals in the Djerbahood Project in Erriadh, Tunisia. In 2016, Phlegm painted one of the world’s tallest mural (8 storeys) in Toronto.

Where you can see it:  Each drawing forms part of a grand narrative that extends worldwide, in countries including Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, USA, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Australia. His work has also appeared in a variety of objects such as airplanes, boats, buildings, vehicles and many street art festivals.

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