Artist Name: Roa
Nationality: Belgium
Technique: Graffiti, murals

: Roa is a muralist from Ghent, Belgium. Both his work and his hometown, full of creativity and inspiration, have not been reorganized in a mainstream level.

At a very young age Roa remembers wanting to be an archaeologist or something adventurous and collecting little skulls from birds and rodents to draw at home. He grew up in the 80’s and naturally was inspired by the American life; music, skating and so forth.

His love for music, especially hip-hop, quickly joined his curiosity in graffiti. Like most muralists, he began by spraying throw-ups under bridges and walls, paining buildings and warehouses in his hometown. During his early years, Roa expressed an active, eclectic mix of styles and gradually became addicted to the nature of urban art.

Roa is primarily known for his strong obsession for animals and rodents. He often combines life, death, and life after death in his murals, which quickly distinguishes him from traditional muralists. His animals are painted to include skeleton and internal organs, making the sight even more realistic. This mysterious Belgian muralist, animals lover, has created hundreds of murals through Europe. He has also traveled to other locations around the world.

His preferred techniques are by using spray paint or acrylic paint. In fact, most of his work is created through a mixture of black, white, and gray scale colors. At times, the muralist prefers to sketch, especially those large murals and he often uses native animals based on the location he is painting in.

Where you can see it: Some major cities, where his work can be found include London, New York, Berlin, Warsaw, Madrid, Moscow, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Paris.

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