Rosh 333

Artist Name: Rosh 333
Nationality: Spanish
Technique: Graffiti, murals

: Rosh333 is a very well known artist from Spain, who was born in Alicante in 1977 and who claims to have a heart that evenly pumps blood and ink. He started to develop his work in the Levantine city of Elche, belonging to a lineage of graffiti writers that attracted the attention of the international urban scene at the end of the 90’s.

Inspired by this very creative environment he found his style and become the multifaceted artist that he is today. His work stands out because he has found a style in which he develops complex schemes of mixed structures with special attention to colors. A very unique characteristic of his murals is the organic vibe, the experimentation  with shape, texture and color.

He has personal iconography that he uses and expands apart from a defined chromatic selection for each line of work. His message changes according to the art work. He usually tries to convey sensations and feelings, something more abstract than a direct message. He intends to get the viewers to draw their own conclusions from his art.

Standing out as an illustrator and designer, Rosh has captivated the audience and the experts and has become one of the most important urban artists in the country. Very active in the urban scene in Spain, he participates to the biggest street-art festivals and urban projects, often collaborating with Okuda and other Spanish street-idols.

Where you can see it: Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Barcelona, Sevilla, Fanzara, Ibiza, Zaragoza, Menorca and so much more.

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