Artist Name: OsGemeos
Real Names: Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo
Nationality: Brazil
Technique: Graffiti, murals

: São Paulo based graffiti artists OsGemeos (The Twins) are internationally known for their vivid, surrealistic painting style and its playful political commentary. They were born in 1974 in São Paulo, Brazil, and as teenagers OsGemeos were active in their neighborhood’s b-boy scene, where hip hop culture had reached by the late 80’s and gained a strong presence.

With limited contact to hip hop’s origins in New York, OsGemeos began developing their own technique and style, infusing Brazilian cultural elements and imagery into their work. Since then, Otavio and Gustavo have gained worldwide notoriety and an influential fan base.

To understand the work of OsGemeos, it is necessary to allow reason to be replaced by the imaginary: to feel first and to understand later. They believe in the encounters and experiences that life offers are natural and delicate.

Recognized and admired both nationally and internationally, the artists utilize this combined visual language, improvisation and a sense of playfulness to create a variety of projects.

In 2012 the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston invited OsGemeos to have their first solo museum exhibition in the United States, where the pair showed paintings and mixed media pieces. In conjunction with the eponymous exhibition, OsGemeos painted a large mural – one of the first of its scale in Boston – as a gift to the city.

In 2016 they were invited together with the French artist JR by Palais de Tokyo in Paris to do a collaborative work in part of the underground tunnels of the institution, located next to the river Seine.

Where you can see it: By the streets of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, New York City, Vilnius, Minsk, Vancouver, Boston, Lodz, Los Angeles and more. They also have held numerous solo and group shows in museums and galleries in several countries such as Cuba, Chile, the United States of America, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Lithuania and Japan.

Official page: osgemeos.com.br
Facebook: facebook.com/osgemeos
Instagram: instagram.com/osgemeos

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