Artist Name: Speto
Nationality: Brazil
Technique: Graffiti, murals

: Speto is a legendary Brazilian street artist based in São Paulo, a real graffiti pioneer in Brazil. He has been involved in the street art scene since 1985 and he has became a reference in the country.

In 1986 he started doing illustrations for Skate magazines and Record jacket’s . He had two different styles, his graffiti was very traditional, hip hop based and his illustrations were a mix of everything else, like tattoos, wood carving prints, etc.

In 1999 he blended both styles. At this stage he was working for a Brazilian band named O RAPPA, doing live painting performances during their concerts. He became very skilled and agile doing live panting and he shaped his drawing sharp enough to be seeing from far distances. His art was exposed for more than 10.000 people at some concerts and ended up doing more than 360 paintings in total.

Speto work reveals a lot of passion for Brazil and Brazilian culture, especially “The Cordel” style (coming from popular and inexpensively printed booklets containing folk novels, poems and songs).

Coming from a neighborhood where the children would play freely on the streets, with a samba-musician grandfather, his artistic references go from Picasso, J.Borges, Samico, Portinari, Lucien Freud, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Miroslav Sasek, Aubrey Beardsley, Richard Downs, to tattoos, cartoons, posters, Muhammad Ali and so much more.

Today mixing several techniques, Speto does graffiti like wood-carving and everything else as a reflection of how he sees the world.

Official page: speto.com.br
Facebook: facebook.com/speto.speto.1
Instagram: instagram.com/speto

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