Ramon Martins

Artist Name: Ramon Martins
Nationality: Brazil
Technique: Graffiti, murals

: Ramon Martins is a Brazilian artist based in the small municipality of Campina do Monte Alegre in the state of São Paulo. He has drawn since he was a little kid and at a certain point, the trajectory of his life became funneled toward the arts.

After finishing art college he quit his job as an art teacher and focused all of his energy on producing pieces and sending them to a gallery. From the countryside of Brazil, he went to live in Belo Horizonte and two years later he moved to Brasilia; at the time he was producing and selling a lot of his work to The Basque Country. That transition from academic world to art production was very spontaneous.

Some of his influences come from Asian and African cultures, and ethnicity is a topic in his work in general. The streets, nature, the immaterial universe, some Asian movements, as well as a variety of writers – all these things stimulate his desire to create.

The materials he works with the most are paint, clay, wood, soundscape, photography and video. He goes more for simple, old materials like paint than video and digital photography.

Originally from the countryside, Ramon definitely became a part of the current urban art movement in São Paulo. Producing work on the street and being in direct contact with the honest reply of the public, which in turn gives the piece a certain honesty, is tough but it’s a great experience according to the artist.

The challenge is never the same – each work has a unique place and value on that part of the city. It is like a tattoo on the body of the metropolis. The changes on his work are constant, he is always avoiding to become repetitive. When he is painting, for example, his paintings often have many layers before it is finished.

Where you can see it: Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Paris, New York City and more.

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