Artist Name: Alaniz
Nationality: Argentinian
Technique: Mural painting

: Alaniz was born in Argentina in 1984 and now he is based in Berlin. Keeping his identity anonymous, this muralist is among the few Berlin street artists that still creates illegal masterpieces, using his graffiti to speak about taboos and social problems. His artworks are the blend between his personal trip of self-understanding and the actual situation of our society.

For years, Berlin has been known as a Mecca for graffiti artists, keeping a truly underground identity.  That’s the reason why Alaniz chose the city, a city that breathes street art, where he can spread his work intending to be a positive force to society.

Alaniz is known for his incredible murals that are both striking to observe and full of deep meaning. Every single element in them is placed inside with a purpose and there are no excesses. His art interventions are mostly developed on walls that suffer a lack of maintenance, are cracked or generally unpainted.

Alaniz believes that art should be designed in a form of a dialogue, a conversation between the artist and the accidental public, and the dialogue is not only between the art and the viewer but also between Alaniz and the walls. The artwork he does is entirely defined by the surroundings, what’s around him, the materials he finds, the form and textures of the wall, it’s become more instinctual and organic.

Where you can see it: Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, Ibiza, Chiapas, Belize and Guatemala.


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