Codex Urbanus

Artist Name: Codex Urbanus
Nationality: French
Technique: Mural painting

: Codex Urbanus was born in 1974. He is a Parisian artist that has been painting imaginary animals on the walls of Paris since 2011. He is mostly active in the neighborhood of Montmartre.

Codex Urbanus means “Urban Manuscript” in Latin and was originally the name of the night bestiary the artist was illegally painting on the walls of Montmartre. Each creature is a mix of different existing animals, that can usually be identified by the binomial name in Latin under it. “Codex Urbanus” always appears above it, leading passers-by and fans to call the artist that name.

Codex uses paint markers to work, and his style is inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the medieval amanuensis, with a nod towards modern day genetics. Influences from Hieronymus Bosch to French cartoon artists such as Joann Sfar are also to be found in his bestiary. He does not look for technical excellence but seeks rather a free expression, a way to convey his dreams straight from his mind to the cement.

Since his first show in 2013 at the Parisian gallery Le Cabinet d’Amateur, Codex Urbanus has shown his work worldwide. In September 2014 he was part of the “Dalí Fait le Mur” group show at the Espace Dalí in Paris. In May 2016 he was the only live painter ever invited for a solo show at the French Musée national Gustave Moreau. He organized a street art show on fans at the Paris Musée de l’éventail in 2015 and in the London Fan Museum in 2017.

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