Jana & Js

Artists Name: Jana & Js
Nationality: Austrian-French
Technique: Stencil

: Austrian and French street artists Jana & Js are painting together since 2006.
The pair create poly-chromatic stencil murals widely ranging in size. Based primarily on their personal photographic work, the stencils seem to respond and interact with their surroundings.

Mostly inspired by the city and people living in, their paintings merge urban landscape or architecture details with portrait, questioning the place of human being in the modern cities. Inspired by the place where they put their work they now focus on nostalgia, melancholy. They met in Madrid, have developed their work in Paris and lived in Austria since 2010.

To display their works, they choose old materials that are showcasing the passing of physical time and history. They have made their art in unexpected spaces by printing stencils on public infrastructure or on the semi-finished/dismantled products/spaces such as the train tracks, old buildings, poles, pieces of concrete, old trucks, and wood piles.

They are deeply inspired by every place they travel to, deciphering the social meaning in unforeseen aspects of urban landscapes. But what is the most striking part in their works are not panoramas themselves, but people with their existential uneasiness. They have the unique way of relating people, their emotions, desires and concerns with their environment.

Their urban interventions merge their subjects with the environment, provoking thoughts and engaging the viewers in an artistic dialogue.

Official Page: janaundjs.com
Facebook: facebook.com/janaundjs2
Instagram: instagram.com/janaundjs

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