Artist Name: LeMoDuLeDeZeeR
Nationality: French
Technique: Graffiti

: Mehdi alias Zeer is a self-taught artist born in 1976 in the Yvelines, France. He has been working as a graphic designer since 1997. He drew in the beginning of his career on walls of abandoned factories in the Hauts-de-Seine, close to Paris. The image of the industrial ruins deeply influenced his practice.

At the beginning of the years 2000, he creates his “module”, that becomes his graphic material based on the composition of a simple character, a falsely repetitive motif that becomes a starting point for his compositions. ZeeR means “Zone Expérimentale d’Expression Relative” (Experimental Area of Relative Expression), a mental space for his work to evolve.

Once assembled, this module recomposes the light and gives to the eye multiple interpretations. We can find this module in his crosses and the circles that invade the city, in absurd and poetic drawings.

Since 2004, Mehdi has been developing his module, with full-time dedication, using multiplies supports and techniques, such as stencils, adhesives, and graffiti. He has exhibited in Paris and New York.

Facebook: facebook.com/LeMoDuLeDeZeeR
: instagram.com/lemoduledezeer

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