Leo & Pipo

Artist Name: Leo & Pipo
Nationality: French
Technique: Poster wheatpasting

: Leo & Pipo is a duo of French street art artists, created in April 2008, known for its wild collages of 20’s photographs on the walls of Paris and its suburbs. They have created some truly memorable and unforgettable wheat-paste art and collages. The duo was not always engaged in artistic projects, they actually made music for a while before getting involved in the art scene.

In May 2008 they decided to create their first street-art piece in Paris. Intrigued by the images from the years 20’s, 40’s, and 50’s, Leo & Pipo developed these collages for some years. They approached their street art project with an innovating mind and combined old photographs with modern design and backgrounds.

With this unique idea came progressive meaning and observations on to the urban scene. Most of their photographs revolved around a old family, friends, and flea market pictures. The individuals involved in the photographs are not necessarily important or famous.

Their work often symbolizing the freedom to create and to “naturally” blend in the characters with their surroundings. The destruction of a previous piece is always inevitable. Some paste-ups last some days before they are either vandalized or removed, while other wheat-pastings may last up to a few years.

Where you can see it: Italy, Spain, Brazil, the United States, Israel, Canada and France.

Facebook: facebook.com/leoetpipo
Instagram: instagram.com/leoetpipo

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