Monsieur BMX

Artist Name: Monsieur BMX
Nationality: French
Technique: Street installation

: Monsieur BMX is a French artist based in Montpelier who hangs on bikes on walls. He never had any education on arts or design. When he was 10 years old he wanted to be a BMX champion. With time, due to life circumstances, even if he was passionate about biking, he reduced more and more this activity until he gave up.

When younger, this artist didn’t considered himself a happy person, he mostly felt like he was not able to accomplish his projects. He grow-up in the countryside of France in a little town of 600 people population, where time passes slower, as does the boredom.

When he found his first job, intending to find some balance to his life, he realized that he needed something more than that, and it was at the underground scene of the streets. He experimented with graffiti interventions but he wanted to do something really different, not yet invented. With no special talent for paint brushes but with a lot of ability with bicycle materials, he came-up with the idea of installing bikes instead of paintings in the walls.

Gradually he replaced the graffiti sprays for the BMX and he finally found satisfaction on his work. For his surprise he positively attracted the attention of the medias as well as the viewers, even doing something totally illegal. Today, after years improving his unmatched technique, Monsieur BMX is highly recognized and respected by the artistic community.


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