Artists Name: Kam and Laurene
Technique: Poster wheatpasting

: It has been not a long time that these intriguing little characters started to flourish in the streets of Paris, Berlin and Lisbon. The choice of emplacements is always very harmonic, either interacting with street signs, fusioning with the walls texture, in tiny corners or wide murals, these stylish figures are poetically integrated to the urban scene.

In the frontal position with intense and penetrating gaze they observe. Their typical oversized pupils translate a surprising mixture of obvious simplicity and confusing complexity. Especial attention to the look of the characters – often fashion-forward and very fresh – they are combined with naive postures, with a purity of line diffusing a feeling of serenity.

In the background we see frequently contemporary urban elements. The outline of an architecture traced with the chalk, whose colored reflections foreshadow the romance between real and imaginary. The intention is to live in colors in order to see the world differently.

Here and there, surprise guest, an owl stands, tidy, as well as a foreign god, darting his dark eye. The owl since antiquity suggests wisdom and clairvoyance just as unpredictability, melancholy or blackness.

Kam and Laurene inspire painting, palette, canvas, collage to the fullest. In the studio and on the street, they share the vision of an enlightened, connected being, representative of a “cyberhumanity” offering the calm point of view of a better world with a simple philosophy: a pure state.

Official Page: kamlaurene.com
Facebook: facebook.com/kamlaurene
Instagram: instagram.com/kamlaurene

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