Mosko et Associes

Artist Name: Mosko et Associés
Real Name: Gérard Laux
Nationality: French
Technique: Stencil

: In 1989, Gérard Laux began painting savanna animals in the rather dilapidated neighborhood of Moskowa, north of the 18th district of Paris, signing as “Mosko”. The following year he was joined by Michel Allemand and they began to work in the streets with stencils under the name of “Mosko and Associates”. Both artists had the sole and humble ambition to be activists of the daily life and “beautifiers of the living environment”.

The “Associates” are their friends, those who help them, because they often work in bands, collaborating with other artists, like Jérôme Mesnager, Némo or Jef Aérosol. In 2004 the first transposition of street animals to the gallery took place, during the release of the book “Peignez la girafe” (Paint the giraffe). Giraffes, zebras and felines were painted on wood, fences and other recycled supports, being transported to a different reality.

From 2005, year which will mark the culmination of the duo, Gerard develops his work in ateliers at the suburbs of Paris (Aubervilliers and Montreuil) while continuing to paint in the streets. During this time, Michel regularly travels to Cuba, where he also spread his art.

Their work got then the popularity and the endorsement of the institutions, reassuring their efforts and leading them to find their place on the art market. Present in auctions, collective and personal exhibitions, Mosko’s career is highly recognized in France. In 2013 he boards to a trip to India and an artist residency in Dune, Tamil Nadu. With a remarkable participation at the project Paris 13 Tower, Gérard Laux is part of a continuity and rebirth process.

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